6 Profitable Products You Can Sell Online Right Now


Frustrating isn’t it? You see an almost endless number of successful eCommerce stores online, but you can’t figure out what’s selling and what’s not. If you want to break into online sales, here are 6 high-profit products that will give you an edge over your competition.

To get you inspired, we have also compiled some of our favorite successful store examples that were builded with Smoolis.

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A New Theme to Break the Wheel of Monotony


If your current theme happens to be the “One Product” or you’re thinking about using it, then this news is especially for you!

Today, we are happy to announce that we have just released our brand new free theme called MONO, perfectly designed to showcase your business on a beautiful simple page. It’s clean, stylish, and includes all the features you need to sell your stunning single product.

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Customize your Top Menu and make it your own

fun with flags

Today, we are very excited to announce you, that we have accommodated your requests, and completely re-built/re-newed one of the most important aspects of ecommerce header design, the top menu!

We have managed to make it even more dynamic and flexible and added some very cool new options for you. Here are all the new improvements you can look forward to play around with:

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Facebook Store for everyone

Smoolis: Facebook Store for everyone

Today, it’s our great pleasure to announce the addition of our newest feature. Facebook store is now available within our platform. You are able to showcase your online store to the largest social network in the world and pique the interest of potential new customers. With 1.59 billion active users every single month, you can watch your business grow even more.

Why you should do it?
The Facebook community is growing and thriving, so it is wise to incorporate Facebook social media strategy within your overall marketing strategy. By growing your community on Facebook, you get even more potentials to spread the word about your business to your targeted audience.

Once you have your own online store in Smoolis, you can start right away and expand your business presence by setting up a Facebook Store.

The Facebook Store feature is included in all of our plans.

Multi-Currency is finally here!

multi-currency, multiple currencies

Our goal over our first year of operation, has been to develop a platform that would allow anyone, and without any prior knowledge of programming, to build an online store from scratch. Today, this goal is becoming more and more a reality, as we have the privilege of delivering one of the most advanced features in eCommerce. Multiple currencies in Smoolis has finally arrived!

This new and highly anticipated feature, allows you to configure your store in different currencies where their exchange rates being automatically updated based on a global exchange rate source. Now this new addition, will help you grow your business even more!

Truly Multi-Currency

We don’t just offer you a feature to show multiple currencies in your store. We offer you a complete multiple currency checkout, and Smoolis is actually the only eCommerce platform which supports that. You are able to make and receive payments or make currency exchange between balances in different currencies with up-to-date exchange rates.

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