New Feature: Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent

We have good news to share! This weekend we have rolled out a new feature in Smoolis. 

The Cookie Consent is finally here, to help you ensure that your business is eligible and in compliance with EU cookie law, at no additional cost. Yep, it’s totally free!

The specific option has been designed to give you a flexible tool for managing your own cookie banner! You can fully customize your information popup, and translate it as well in your current languages of your online store. It requires no programming skills and can easily be done in under two minutes.

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5 Powerful Tricks to Grow Your Ecommerce Business


If you want to grow your eCommerce business, you may be wondering the best way to do it. After all, online business is more competitive than it was just a few years. To really get ahead and stay in the lead today, you need an arsenal of powerful tricks at your disposal. These five tricks will give you the magic you need to dominate your eCommerce niche.

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How to Avoid Fake Clicks From Your Facebook Ads


Facebook ads can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. Well, at least in theory.

Sometimes, you can create fantastic ads and flawless landing pages, resulting in hundreds or thousands of clicks. The problem is that hardly any of those clicks results in a conversion. When you check the stats, you find that these visitors stayed for seconds, hardly ever moving away from the landing page. It’s almost as if they were robots.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve fallen victim to Fake Clicks Disease – one of the most common pitfalls for any Facebook marketer. These phantom clicks were probably caused by “click farms” operating out of countries like India or Egypt, and they aren’t harmless traffic. They can raise the cost of advertising on Facebook and make it impossible to assess the success of your marketing strategy.

If you are inundated with fake likes and phantom visitors, don’t panic. By retooling your advertising campaign, you can avoid being swamped in the future.

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6 Profitable Products You Can Sell Online Right Now


Frustrating isn’t it? You see an almost endless number of successful eCommerce stores online, but you can’t figure out what’s selling and what’s not. If you want to break into online sales, here are 6 high-profit products that will give you an edge over your competition.

To get you inspired, we have also compiled some of our favorite successful store examples that were builded with Smoolis.

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A New Theme to Break the Wheel of Monotony


If your current theme happens to be the “One Product” or you’re thinking about using it, then this news is especially for you!

Today, we are happy to announce that we have just released our brand new free theme called MONO, perfectly designed to showcase your business on a beautiful simple page. It’s clean, stylish, and includes all the features you need to sell your stunning single product.

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